Soothing Physical Therapy Treatments

Recover from a sports or work injury quickly by turning to NEPT. Our therapists in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, can help you treat your injury and more. We offer a variety of physical therapy treatments. Find out more about them below.

Therapeutic Massage

Treat soft tissue strains or injuries by having a therapeutic massage. This rubdown can be done on any area of the body (which will be determined during your first visit). One of our therapists will give you a massage that will target your muscles, loosening them up.

Balance & Vestibular Therapy

Inner ear issues can cause people to be dizzy and feel as if they are spinning when they are standing still. By undergoing balance and vestibular therapy, you'll be able to correct you balancing problem and treat vertigo. This positioning therapy is perfect for both young and older children and adults. Elderly patients who undergo this treatment will also be taught exercises to assist them in reducing their risk of falling.

MassageWhirlpool Treatment

Neuromuscular Therapy

If you have mobility issues, neuromuscular therapy may be the right treatment for you. Our team has the skills to help you get back up and moving, get out of bed safely, and learn guided exercises. We recommend this physical reconditioning therapy for residents in retirement facilities that are close to our Fritzingertown location.

Gait Training

Learning to walk comfortably with a cane or walker is easy when you receive gait training. Recommended for stroke victims and patients affected by neuropathy, this reconditioning therapy will have you walking independently in no time. Our therapists will teach you how to take steps, place your feet on the floor correctly, and keep your balance.

Whirlpool Therapy

Reduce swelling in your upper and lower extremities via whirlpool therapy. This treatment can be used to get your muscles back to work and prepared for other combined therapies. Your muscles will also be able to relax and warm up. To assist them with losing then up for your next session, we'll have you undergo paraffin bath treatments.