Patient Testimonials

The physical therapy specialists at NEPT enjoy hearing back from the men, women, and children we have helped. Read what some of our past patients have had to say about our therapy services below:

"The team members at Northeast PT Associates, all of them, are terrific. They are very professional and know what they are doing. I definitely have improved and learned exercises I can do at home. While the staff is professional, they keep very light and pleasant air in the facility that makes it enjoyable to be there. This is not my first success story with Northeast PT Associates, but have similar results. Hopefully, I won't be back. But if I need to, I know where I'll be going."
— Larry M. —

 "When I started therapy in August of 2010, the injury to my foot prevented me from doing anything resembling normal functions. Within a very few weeks, I realized that I was walking and moving at an advanced stage. Now three months later and being discharged, I have mixed feelings, happy that I have progress above and beyond activities prior to my injury, but sad because the camaraderie and cooperation in the office amongst the staff and patients is beyond compare. This recovery is not the first that I have been assisted by the office. Three years ago I had carpal tunnel surgery that Northeast PT Associates helped me get back to work quickly. I am confident that if I need their services again I can use them to get well quickly."
— Lee Ann M. —

"I had therapy at another clinic before and I didn't get as much personal attention as I did here Northeast PT Associates. I also like the way they worked my appointments into my work schedule."
— Ralph K. —

"After a work injury in December, I was referred to Northeast PT Associates. I had many things on my mind, the injury, the insurance representatives, the holidays, the unknown, and other variables. At my initial evaluation, I was greeted and treated as if I had been a long-term patient. The staff was very friendly and professional. As I observed other patients treatment, I felt very comfortable about the staff skills and training. As well, their personal touch and care presented itself. I knew I was at the right place to be treated and rehabilitated. As my visits continued, my initial thoughts were proven true. I had several therapists treat me and each one made me feel relaxed and positive. When we finished my rehab, they told me their opinion and I shared it with my doctor. Together, all the pieces came together and I was discharged. My injury was not common and they personalized my therapy work out to fit my needs. I observed the same for many other patients with different needs and the staff took the time to treat each one fully and accurately.

I would recommend them to anyone with a need for therapy."
— Kevin F. —